Make Halliwell Forensics your first call for expert, timely forensic investigations of:

  • Fires and explosions.
  • Mechanical failures.
  • Electrical and electronic engineering.
  • The escape of water, gas, fluids and chemicals.

What we do

Halliwell Forensics provides timely, comprehensive land-based and marine investigative solutions that include:

  • Clear and efficient instruction process.
  • Scientific and detail-driven examination of the incident scene.
  • The recovery, evaluation and documentation of evidence.
  • In-depth incident reporting.
  • Expert witness evidence, with attendance at court if required.

We also offer:

  • Second opinions on historical incidents.
  • Inspections and analysis of mechanical, electrical and/or product failures.

Every incident is unique, so our forensic engineers will conduct the investigation to your requirements and timescales in the most cost-effective way. Attention to detail means we will document, photograph, tag and secure physical evidence, which can easily disappear in the turmoil of an incident, either by accident or deliberately to conceal criminality.

All our reports undergo a methodical peer review process to ensure:

  • Arguments are clear and concise.
  • Language is appropriate.
  • Opinion is supported by evidence.

We are always there when you need us, providing evidence and advice to your legal team and attending court if required.


Marine Fire & Explosion Investigation

We have considerable international experience of investigating maritime incidents, making it one of our specialisms.

Understanding the maritime environment and the requirements of marine insurance and law are paramount.

Movement of cargo, docking issues, financial penalties, crew safety and interviewing crew before they move on – we know time is of the essence in these cases, as is tact and diplomacy, and an appreciation of different nationalities and cultures coming into play when interviewing crew.

Our detailed reports, well documented evidence and thorough photographic records ensure our team can be called on to be expert court witnesses on behalf of our clients if required.

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Marine fire forensic investigation
Bus fire forensic investigation

Fire & Explosion Investigation

Time-critical environments caused by fires and explosions demand a robust, scientific approach to provide timely information to our clients, which allows them to make sound, fact-based decisions.

We understand the prerequisite to accurately prove cause in relation to fires and explosions and to differentiate the effect of the fire, and how this impacts insurance cover liability and any possible recovery from third parties.

We are experienced in the specification and reporting of the Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling of fires. Computer modelling can provide valuable insights into many aspects of a fire including:

  • Ignition, spread and development.
  • The impact of passive and active fire protections systems.


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