About Us

Our History

Halliwell Forensics is built on the rich heritage of Zetetech Forensics, which was founded by our current Managing Director, Lee Masson, in 2009 providing the same levels of specialist expertise and service as Halliwell Forensics does today.

Tailored services

Time is of the essence in the forensic investigation of fires and explosions, floods, mechanical failures and the escape of gas, fluids and chemicals.

Halliwell Forensics provides timely and comprehensive investigative solutions that include:

  • Examination of the scene.
  • Evidence recovery and documentation.
  • In-depth incident reporting.
  • Court evidence (if required).
  • Expert witness evidence (if required).

We also offer:

  • Second opinions on historical incidents.
  • Inspections and analysis of mechanical and/or product failures.

Every incident is unique, so our forensic engineers will conduct the investigation to your requirements and timescales in the most cost-effective way.

As a forensics consulting company, we work with, and on behalf of:

  • Loss adjusters and assessors.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Protection and indemnity (P&I) clubs.
  • Solicitors.
  • Corporate clients.
  • Private individuals.

Our services cover the forensic investigation and analysis of:

  • Fires and explosions.
  • Marine fires and explosions.
  • Mechanical and system failures.
  • Product and public liability incidents.
  • Floods and the escape of water, chemicals, fluids and gas.

Our forensic engineers offer their skills and expertise to review and comment on existing or historical cases, using a rigorous, scientific approach to bring a fresh perspective.

Expert Investigators

Our Managing Director Lee Masson is highly qualified and vastly experienced in forensic investigations.

He has investigated a variety of land-based incidents of fire and explosions, escapes of water and other fluids in commercial and domestic buildings, vehicles and aircraft.

He has extensive marine fire and explosion investigations experience of incidents involving the whole gamut of water-borne vessels.

He is joined by Dr Andrew Collins, our Senior Associate. Andrew is an internationally recognised academic in electrochemistry, a commissioned officer in the Royal Navy Reserve and now boasts extensive experience in forensic investigations.

He has investigated a variety of cases including domestic dwellings, vehicle fires, and fires involving industrial machinery.

His investigation experience spans an expanse of causes that include manufacturers’ defects, accidental triggers, improper installation/repair as well as criminal activities.

Our Associate, Aaron Edwards holds a First-Class Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Forensic Investigation from Bournemouth University.

He has worked as an examiner in traditional crime scene laboratories, as a forensic specialist in British American Tobacco’s anti illicit trade laboratory and as a scientific advisor to the London Fire Brigade, where delivered various training courses on several subjects ranging from fire investigation to the dangers of hazardous materials.